Tax compliance and tax structuring services

Pragmatic advice to ensure compliance with tax regulations

Numerous special regulations and taxes need to be considered in every real estate transaction.

These include corporate income tax, trade tax, income tax, real estate transfer tax, VAT and many others too.

At Mazars, we can help you with everything from domestic and regional obligations to cross-border issues, whether for a real estate company, open-end and closed-end funds, project development, banking, brokering or worldwide active investment.

We take a proactive approach to planning. This means that not only will you be tax-compliant, but you’ll also be kept up-to-date with the latest legislation and judicial decisions affecting your real estate investments. We aim to help you navigate the tax landscape instead of simply reacting to the tax environment around you.

Our real estate tax advisory service includes legal and tax optimisation of real estate portfolios, development of tax concepts for domestic and international fund structures, verification of transfer prices or preparation of transfer price documentation and support for domestic and cross-border transactions.

The service also covers tax-optimised drafting of contracts such as letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, purchase contract and contract negotiation, tax advice during project developments, structuring of the real estate assets of German and European companies and special issues such as sale and leaseback and restructuring.