Mazars publishes the 2010-2011 edition of its Annual Report, including global consolidated accounts on the basis of IFRS

Mazars introduces the 7th edition of its Annual Report: “Collective intelligence”. To date, Mazars is the only global audit and advisory group that publishes an annual report which includes consolidated accounts co-audited under IFRS. The Group has performed this unique exercise since 2004-2005.
RA 2010_2011

For Mazars, this commitment to the principle of responsibility implies first applying it to ourselves. Thus, Mazars, a key player in the transparency of the market place, has chosen to respect the same standards as those expected from its clients.

Mazars long ago decided to become a global provider of integrated professional services, by following a strategy that combines organic and external growth. As at 31st August 2011, our Group employs 13,000 professionals in more than 60 countries and our volume of business has gone up 8.2% in 2010-2011, with turnover reaching 956.7 million euros, and a robust financial structure. This satisfying result, achieved against a background of great uncertainty, is the result of our stronger teams, our expanded range of services and our geographical developments”, states Patrick de Cambourg, Chairman of Mazars.

Mazars has chosen “Collective intelligence” as the theme for its Annual Report this year.

At Mazars, whose development model is constantly nourished by the diversity of our people and the complementarity between sets of expertise, we are convinced that the best possible responses to the challenge of the current situation will emerge from collective intelligence. By its nature, collective intelligence underpins shared values serving the common good, and forms the mainspring for profoundly reformist dynamics.

Responding to the challenges facing the international economic community by building an innovative, demanding and multidisciplinary vision; serving the general interest through self-determined involvement; and promoting a dynamic governance of absolute transparency – these are the areas in which Mazars is more than ever determined to be a committed agent for change, by harnessing the singular strength of collective intelligence.


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