Tax Compliance

We provide the following Tax Compliance services:

Corporate Tax

Our tax professionals with a dedicated team expertise in corporate taxation issues which have a very big impact on companies’ activities.

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Indirect Taxes

Mazars is providing to Greek and foreign entities operating in Greece a wide range of compliance in issues related to indirect tax issues, including value added tax , stamp duty, customs duties, excise duties, and more.

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Real Estate Tax

Our tax professionals provide compliance services regarding tax obligations related to the ownership of immovable property in Greece.

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International Tax / Cross Border Transactions

We offer an optimal handling of international tax matters associated with cross border transactions either in company’s or individual’s level and we ensure that all compliance aspects arising from these transactions will be fulfilled in a proper way

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Private Clients

Mazars is providing a wide variety of compliance services specialized in local and international affairs of wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, private equities, owners, family businesses.

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Global Mobility Services

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Ensuring the right skills are available when and where you need them

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