European China Desk

A bridge between China and Greece.

Doing business internationally is not easy. You need to understand the market, how local people think, and a whole range of other business and cultural issues – many of which cannot always be found in the typical sources of guidance.




We know that for investors from Europe looking to invest in China there can be significant rewards for getting it right, but equally it can also be easy to waste time and money if you set off without proper guidance.
For Chinese companies making perhaps their first investments outside China, accessing the European market of 300 million consumers may look very tempting. Taking advice from specialists who understand the cultures and can communicate effectively in your language can help make this strategically important step more successful and reduce the risk of failure.



Consulting the China Desk in Greece will give you access to in-depth knowledge of the business and cultural environments in Greece and in China, and ready introductions to the most appropriate professionals in our Mazars China and Europe offices.



Audit & Assurance, Financial Advisory, Governance, Risk & Internal Audit, Tax, Accounting & Outsourcing
审计和鉴证服务, 财务咨询, 治理、风险和内部审计, 税务, 会计与外包

THE BENEFITS 聘请中国业务部的优势

•Multilingual experts who will take time getting to know you and your business needs.
•Coordinated approach to service delivery, rapid deployment of cross border support where and when our clients require it, thanks to our independent, integrated and international partnership.
•Partner-led relationship with a personal touch; the person you meet will be your single point of contactand the one coordinating the engagement.
•Appropriately sized teams and short communication lines.
•A pragmatic, pro-active, problem solving approach witha focus on the needs of our clients.
•Advice tailored to your size, sector and geography.
•Flexible, competitive and transparent fee structures.We will tailor our fees to meet your requirements, where possible.





The China Desk in Greece is part of the Mazars European China Desk (ECD) , a project that  aims to offer an efficient and coordinated service  to Chinese firms in several European countries. Apart from Greece, ECD is present in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom. We have as well established a China Desk in the United States (New York), in Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa), in Asia Pacific (Malaysia, Singapore) and we have the intention to continue opening new ones around the world.

希腊的中国业务部是玛泽欧洲中国业务平台(ECD) 的一个重要组成部分。该平台致力于为投资于欧洲的中国企业提供高效而协调的服务。除希腊外,欧洲中国业务平台还在以下国家设立了中国业务部:法国、德国、爱尔兰、意大利、荷兰、波兰、葡萄牙、西班牙、土耳其和英国。同时,我们还在美国(纽约)、非洲(阿尔及利亚、埃及、毛里求斯、摩洛哥、尼日利亚和南非)和亚太区(马来西亚、新加坡)设立了中国业务部。而我们的脚步没有停止,正在世界上的其他地方拓展我们的版图。

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