Corporate Reporting Services

Consolidate your financial data and communicate reliable financial information.

In a context of corporate growth or transformation, the missions and responsibilities of the finance departments are also being extended. Compliancy and regulatory constraints are becoming increasingly stringent whilst disparate systems are often a daily obstacle for performance.

Mazars uses Talentia Corporate Performance Management which is an end-to-end platform for real-time reporting, strategic analysis, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and close. The platform is designed for organizations of all sizes and operates with any financial management software, data or flat files. It provides transparency for financial processes and offers a dynamic and collaborative framework to reduce cycle time and boosts the performance of your finance office.

Agile and open

With Corporate Performance Management platform, organizational, reporting and budget processes changes are easily managed. Multi-currency and multilingual, the solution is particularly relevant in an international development context. Thanks to its powerful multi-dimensional analysis functions, the platform makes it possible to simply define dashboards that will facilitate decision making (P&L by activity, simulation scenario).

Enriched with collaborative functionalities, workflow and alerts, Talentia CPM makes it possible to directly involve the operational staff concerned in the processes. Data and forecasts are more reliable and it is possible to make collective decisions in real time on the same platform. Agile and simple, the configuration and evolutions are carried out directly by the financial employees without the need for technical skills.

Open, Talentia CPM also allows the rapid collection of multi-sources data with import formats that can be easily configured at any level: reporting, budget, consolidation, closing. Performance management can be accelerated and centralized.

Efficiency and security

  1. Management Reporting: Financial, management and budget monitoring reportings, and integration of operational data. Automatic generation and updating of management reports.
  2. Dynamics Analysis: Multidimensional and dynamic analyses that can be adapted directly by the business users.
  3. Budgeting Processes: Management of collaborative budget campaigns , which may involve operational in the process for more accurate forecasts.
  4. Statutory Consolidation: Management of local and international standards (IFRS). Automated transformation of local data into consolidated information with audit trail and traceability of reprocessing. And automatic disclosure management.
  5. Intercompany Reconciliations: Collaborative portal for reconciling intra-group transactions with reconciliation to transaction currency. Alerts on unreconciled positions and automatic generation of exchange rate differences.
  6. Accounting Review: Task planning, controls automation, dematerialization of supporting documents and easy communication of the revised dematerialized file to auditors.


Corporate Reporting Services
Corporate Reporting Services