Get Certified in IFRS by ACCA

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Get Certified in International Financial Reporting Standards by ACCA!

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10 Μαίου 2018 στις 18.30 @StudySmart


18.30: Introduction & Welcome

Θέμης Πολύζος, Director της Mazars Ελλάδος και ο Dr. Δημήτριος Κυρίτσης, Managing Director της StudySmart 

18.40: IFRS 16 – Leases

What you need to know από τον Χρήστο Ραγκαβά, StudySmart IFRS expert

19.30 Presentation of the ACCA Diploma in IFRS (DipIFR)

Χρήστος Ραγκαβάς, StudySmart IFRS expert

- Advantages and unique characteristics

- Explanation of the exam and question structure.

Q&A on DipIFR: Dr. Δημήτριος Κυρίτσης, Χρήστος Ραγκαβάς

Drinks & Networking 

Επιβεβαιώστε την ΔΩΡΕΑΝ παρουσία σας με τους παρακάτω τρόπους:

Τηλ: 211.4113235

SMS: +306979979543


Concerning the DipIFR:

Acquiring a Professional designation such as the Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards by ACCA will:

  • Enhance & increase your knowledge and understanding of IFRS, being adopted by over 110 countries globally
  • Enhance understanding of the structure and framework of international accounting
  • Increase skills in applying the standards to key elements of financial reports;
  • Identify and apply disclosure requirements and prepare group financial statements, including subsidiaries, associates and Joint ventures
  • Demonstrate commitment to being a skilled member of the global financial world
  • Make you stand out and rank among those certified in the area of IFRS from the largest accountancy body in the world